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Brianna Little – Passion with Everything

Brianna’s 24 year-old with gift and drive for encouraging others and advocating for those who are marginalized and often go unheard. She loves traveling whether it’s for fun, for missions, or for worship ministry. She spends her free-time wondering why it’s free and thinking about what she could be doing instead. She’s an ENFP, an enneagram 2w3, but mostly she’s a graceless girl being filled with grace every day.


Brianna is also a 2019 graduate of Emmanuel College with a degree in Communications and a minor in music. Since graduating college, she has spent toured with a worship team, traveled for missions, and currently works as an administrative assistant for the Evangelism and World Missions Department of the NCIPHC. 

Speaking Engagements

Brianna aims to increase her speaking engagements at churches, conferences, and other events. She has preached and taught in multiple countries and across the East Coast already. For booking please go to her contact page.


Brianna is a freelancing social media manager and consultant for churches and small businesses. She looks to expand her experiences into a career in social media management or public relations. You can check her portfolio on the website to see past work and experience she has in the communications field.

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